Brain Stress Solution Environmental Toxin Relief Headset with 36 Session Package

Brain Stress Solutions Environmental Toxic Relief Headset Package including the 36 session program produced specifically for individuals impacted by environmental toxin exposure

Brain Stress Solutions Environmental Toxic Relief Headset with 36 Session Package

Featuring the newest technology Braintap headset system and includes a FULL YEAR ACCESS to our 36 session Environmental Toxic Relief Program including FIVE special categories for brain stress relief from:

Problems with Sleep

Negative Health symptoms from Exposure to Environmental Toxins

Brain Stress relief from Anxiety, Pain and Stress

Brain Stress relief from Environmental PTSD

Proven relief for those impacted from Lyme disease and Lyme symptoms


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  • We’ll help you reduce the stress and toxins in your life, for good!
  • We’ll help you reduce the stress chemicals your body is creating that are harming you from the inside out!
  • We’ll restore your feeling of well-being and boost your energy!
  • We’ll help you effortlessly and quickly restore your body’s natural ability to produce relaxation chemicals, without side-effects or breaking the bank!
  • We’ll give you what you need to naturally relax and recover from fight-or-flight – in just 20 minutes!


How to Finally Live the Stress-Free Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of


Picture yourself powering through your morning routine with a smile on your face! Then, maintaining that energy, focus, and joy all throughout your day. Finally, you end your day actually looking forward to whatever the evening throws your way!


Imagine how happy you are, how relaxed you are!


That life is attainable and right at your fingertips – literally! Instead of dreading the day ahead, feeling that knot in the pit of your stomach the moment you wake up. You can be happier than you’ve thought possible, healthier than you’ve imagined, and more resilient that ever before! Those stressful days are over!

YOU have the power to become stress-free, today!

The PureAirDoctor Braintap Brain Stress Solutions system is specifically produced and designed for the relief of a multitude of brain stressors triggered by environmental toxins. These have created both brain and physical trauma leading to a wide variety of health symptoms. This is not a cure, or medical treatment for any disease or health condition. It is a technology device and program access providing brain stress relief which allows the brain and body to reach a state of optimized relaxation and stress relief using light, sound and vibration allowing the brain and body to react and respond as naturally intended for optimized health and well being.