Dylos Laser Air Monitor model 1100 PRO EMI

Dylos Laser Air Quality Monitor Model 1100 PRO EMI

A true Laser Particle Counter with 2 size ranges - small (bacteria, mold, etc) large (pollen, etc.).

DC1100 features technology and engineering that allows monitoring of indoor air quality with an LCD screen that provides small and large particle counts with a dynamic bar graph showing actual count reading. Multiple modes including minute, hour, day and monitor to evaluate your air quality and store up to 30 days of air quality history for review.

Like other Pro versions of the DC1100 it has all the features of the standard DC1100 but with increased lower sensitivity - detecting particles down to 0.5 micron. The large particle size range is calibrated to 2.5 microns and above.

Special Features for Air Purifier Testing

Has EMI shielding which prevents interference from the high voltage power supplies found in some air purifiers. This allows accurate readings to be taken directly at the air purifier output. This shielding may also give the enclosure a slightly different texture than other versions of the DC1100.

Has a rapid update which allows for faster demonstrations. The readings will respond fully to a change in particle levels within 6 seconds.