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You Can’t Be Healthy Living in a Sick Home.
Is Your Family at Risk?
Studies from the EPA reveal, the air you breathe is often the reason for unresolved health issues. It’s important to Get Answers regarding your home’s Indoor Air Quality.
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I think I have a problem…but,
how do I know for sure?
Studies clearly show, even if we don’t experience any symptoms, many non-respiratory illnesses can be created or magnified by exposure to environmental toxins.
I can tell there’s a problem…and,
I need to find out what it is.
Chemical, mold and exposure to indoor toxins is becoming an epidemic. Over time, as we breathe contaminants, the different toxins accumulate in our bodies, and negatively affect our overall health and well-being.
I know I have a problem…I need to know what it is, and how to get it fixed, now
The EPA has revealed that 100% of people tested have toxic chemical exposure from within their home, creating inflammation, neurological damage, sleep problems, anxiety, and many other health issues.
What Our Clients Say
For years I’ve had issues sleeping through night - waking up with headaches. Once I had my air and water tested with the ETA System, my score told the whole story, I saved so much money by doing both of the tests to learn exactly what was causing the problem, now I have a healthy home and sleep like a baby. Thank you for giving me my health back! ” - Julie M.
I can't believe how good my house feels!! The basement is soooo cozy now. What a huge difference already. You could tell immediately how clean and fresh the air was. The water was delicious from the drinking water purifier, with no more chlorine smell and dry skin. Your products are GREAT. Thanks again for providing our Pure Air Doctor whole house water and air purification systems. We truly feel like we have a healthy home! - Curt & Jackie W.
I wanted to drop you a note to say THANKS for everything. What a difference it makes when you deal with someone who is knowledgeable and takes pride in their work. The employees are happy with their new environment. What more can I say...It was a pleasure dealing with you." - Dino R.
The Pure Air Doctor - ETA / Environmental Toxic Assessment System.
Our system is endorsed by Doctors and Health Care Practitioners as the most comprehensive Air testing protocol that detects toxins in your home environment contributing to unresolved health issues.
It’s Time to Get a Whole House Health Checkup from Pure Air Doctor Today.