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Our Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for running such a great company with truly outstanding products! Before we installed your Breathe Wright Air Purification System, our young children struggled with chronic asthma problems. Even a small cold would affect their breathing and we would be forced to make late-night emergency room visits several times per year. We tried improving the quality of our air by replacing the air conditioning unit and duct system, and even by trying different air filters and ionizers, but nothing we did made any difference. We have now had the Breathe Wright system installed for about one year and the difference it has made in the health of our family is tremendous. Not one of our children has had any sign of asthma....we have not even needed to administer the breathing treatments that the doctors said would have to be a regular part of their lives. Even our general health this past year is greatly improved. We have only had a couple of minor colds during the past year, where before it would have been every couple of months. Again our sincere thanks for an amazing air purification system! It has certainly changed our life for the better, and we will recommend it to everyone.

Tom Schuster Miami, Florida

The Breathe Wright Constant Clean Air Filtration, Purification, and Ventilation air quality improvement system that we had installed from and installed by Wright Way has been absolutely amazing. We tried everything to stop the constant dust problem, and to make our house temperature more comfortable....... then finally we found the answer with the Breathe Wright system. Our house is comfortable from basement to the upstairs, and the dust is a thing of the past. This is one company that knows what they're talking about. I can't say enough great things about how they helped us have the best air quality possible, and now we are comfortable no matter where we are at in the home.

Frank Noggle Rochester, Michigan

I have had asthma since birth, and I had been using a breathing machine on the average of three times a day, primarily due to a mold allergy. Within a half hour of your crew completing the installation of the Breathe Wright Air Purification System, I noticed a real difference in the disappearance of the musty smell of our basement. I currently have been able to reduce my breathing machine to only a couple times a week and the lowered use of medication now helps me sleep better. Thank You very much for your passion in helping people in this way.

Gladys McKenney Oakland County, Michigan

We thought you would like to know how extremely happy we are with both our water and air purification systems that your company installed for us. With all your knowledge and experience we were very convinced these systems could help our asthma problems. Both our children and myself were suffering from asthma and had to be on daily medication therapy..... After the systems were placed we all felt so much better that we were able to stop using our daily medication. With allergies and change of weather still playing a factor, I can say we only use our medication one to two weeks a year verses every day. As you know we also have two dogs (one being a giant breed) and I can say when people enter our house they do not know we have any dogs. I am always complimented on how great our house smells and how great our water tastes. Terry, with a heart felt thank you, I have to thank you for the health of our family.

Michelle Walny Macomb Township, MI


I can't believe how good my house feels!! The basement is soooo cozy now. What a huge difference already. I don't have the cold spots anywhere. You could tell almost immediately how clean and fresh the air was. The water was delicious from the drinking water purifier and my skin and hair felt great after taking a shower with the shower filtration system. Finally no more chlorine smell and dry skin. Your products are GREAT. Thanks again to you and your staff.for providing our Wright Way whole house water and air purification systems. We truly feel like we have a healthy home!

Curt & Jackie Wanagat, Sterling Heights, MI

I wanted to drop you a note to say THANKS for everything. What a difference it makes when you deal with someone who is knowledgeable and takes pride in their work. The employees are happy with their new environment. What more can I say...It was a pleasure dealing with you."

Dino Rea Macomb County, MI
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