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How Healthy Is Your Home?

It’s Time to Choose Better Health

Scott Forsgren, The Better Health Guy......

"You all know my story and why I have a passion for searching out the most effective products bringing opportunity for Better Health to everyone I know. Illness resulting from water-damaged buildings was a significant part of my own health journey, and exploring the environment is often a critical part of recovering from a complex, chronic illness".

It’s Vital to Identify the problems in your home that are contributing to your health, and what actions are necessary to bring Better Health back into your life.

• Terry Wright and his team have been exploring ways to improve the indoor environment that we live and work in for decades. They have been engineering air testing and filtration solutions for over 35 years. Everything they do is backed by data that is explained to help you gain a clear understanding of what’s going on in your home, determine what’s causing the issues and obtain the technology and support to get you and your home healthy once again.

• Terry and his team are incredibly knowledgeable on the various filtration options available and make themselves available to discuss personalized solutions that fit the unique needs of each of their clients, I personally use the Intellipure PREMIUM+PLUS in my home, and I have been very happy with it. If you are looking for ways to better understand and improve your indoor environment, reach out to Terry and his team and learn about the numerous options available to you.

If you Have any Questions, Please Let us Know. We are Here to Help.

A Synergistic System/
The Total Solution to Test, Assess and Create a Healthy Home

Without realizing it, the air we breathe is full of microscopic contaminants in the form of particulates, chemicals, microbiologicals and biotoxins. Over 95% of what we breathe in are not visible.

Enter the Intellipure Premium+ Plus Edition. We have developed the ultimate “three in one” air filtration, purification and sanitization system. Having optimal air quality is critical to regaining your health, and this system is your only choice. With so many filters on the market, only the Intellipure Premium+ Plus has proven, patented technology to prevent microbiological growth within the filter using the exclusive DFS process. The DFS technology was originally developed with military government grant funding to develop effective ways of protection from bio toxin chemicals and microbiological threats.

Protect you and your family today... from these same type of threats within your home or office with the proven powerful combination of technologies found only in the Intellipure Premium+ Plus System from

You Can’t Just Test for Contaminants, You Have to Understand the Conditions that are Creating Them.

• Every Home Has Mold...However not all Homes Have “Active Growing Mold.” The ETA/Detect System Measures Your Interior Air Quality (IAQ) and tells us if You have Active Growing Mold...even hidden inside your walls. You also get a complete analysis of over 500+ chemicals, laser air quality analysis for every room of the home, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, radiation exposure from radon and much, much more.

• Our ETA / System test samples are 2 hours long, not just a basic 5 minute sample like many use and we use “Professional-Grade” Equipment that thoroughly evaluates Your IAQ, providing a comprehensive evaluation for your entire home.

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